Aloft building Reservation Information
Reservation mode
1. Please call for a reservation , inform the dates of your stay , passenger name , number of guests and phone number.
2. Please call to confirm after 2 days on the import deposit ( room rate 50% ) , followed by the import deposit , please call or text message to inform us of your account at the end of five yards, took us to determine upon receipt of the deposit, to complete appointment booking procedures , please balance paid upon check-in , if not received within the retention time of the deposit will be canceled reservations , and without notice , once again for reservations , please call us again .
Call us Hotline : 0978752092 Xiao Pei ( first overall )
                              0988789912 Xiaowen ( second overall )
[ Plus person / extra bed Standard ]
Charge a per person plus $ 500, plus up to two-bed room! 
[ Weekdays , holidays define ]
※ Weekday: Sunday to Thursday
※ holiday: Fridays, Saturdays , national holidays , consecutive holiday period
PS: the Lunar New Year by pricing charges
Check-out time:
※ Check-in time: 15:00 pm later
※ Check-out time : before 11:00 AM 
※ If more than half an hour after check-out time or more, the additional half-day rates .
※ No pets allowed .
※ indoor total ban alcohol, smoking and chewing betel nut .
※ check must be paid in addition to all the accommodation costs, and passenger information required to register , be sure to carry an ID card or passport in order to facilitate the registration of check-in.
※ weekdays continued eligible resident discount  NT$100  from the second day of the concessions , in order to ensure guest privacy , continued to live day no cleaning service ( we provide trash and towel replacement service ) , multi-day stay otherwise deals ( holiday during consecutive holidays , the Lunar New Year is not applicable, can not be combined with other offers ) .
※ month birthday with a birthday on the basis of an identity card , we will prepare an exquisite little gift ! ( Limit one room led to a birthday ceremony)
※ Due to B & B is located in a residential area , please lower the volume afeter 22:00 , in order to maintain the quality of living .
※ The House engaged in prohibited use of alcohol , noise, home party , drugs , gambling, and to engage in any unlawful sexual activity , if found to all the police.
※ To maintain the safety of passengers and other people living accommodation , the whole building is non- fire cooking and barbecue .
※ Please take good care of the Earth's energy savings , be sure to turn off the lights and air conditioning resource out .
※ To maintain quality accommodations , please inform truthfully booking number , when increasing the number of residents , please inform us early so that you prepare an extra bed supplies, false positives can be verified by the addition of all on-site charge a fee .
※ All items Jieyou price of the room , do not damage any goods or taken out of the room , if found, then the price of compensation .
※ tenant Keep valuables and money to carry, do not place the room, we do not bear responsibility for safekeeping .
[ Facilities ]
※ Aloft built to provide parking spaces from the B & B , about three to five minutes walk away, please be refunded your parking card and remote lock -out time .
 ※ In order to improve your quality of accommodation , rooms in the house , we provide IBL shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, paper towels , cotton super absorbent towel large , 42 -inch LCD TV , LG washing machine drum drying elution , five-star hotel class independent cylinder mattresses, 24 hours video surveillance to protect passenger safety , a small fridge , electric kettle, hair dryer, electric water heaters , wet and dry separation, allowing you to build Aloft although exposure in residential areas can still enjoy top intimate service.
※ living room offers free Anping shirmp crackers , articles of malt bread, crisp melon garden Guagua , Tamai dried mango and other small snacks to entertain guests , the room is also equipped with Ramune , Ten Ren Tea , coffee and the famous Seattle Anping Xia Bing , hoping to bring you a wonderful journey.