Three Little Pigs
    ※ Seba Bubble Bath,
    Baby bath towel
    Kids toys
    Milk is transferred
    Baby bathtub
    Children's toilet lid
    IBL shampoo
    Body Wash
    Toothpaste, toothbrush
    Paper towels
    Cotton Bath Towel
    42-inch LCD TV
    LG elution bake drum
    Washing machine
    24 hours
    video surveillance
    Small refrigerator
    Electric kettle
    Hair dryer
    Electric water heater
    Wet and dry
    separation bathroom
Theme Suite (double room) 
Price: NT 3600 
Friday: NT 2600 
Saturday: NT 3000 
Sunday to Thursday: NT 2400 
Theme Suite (Quad) 
Price: NT  4600 
Friday: NT 3600 
Saturday: NT 4000 
Sunday to Thursday: NT 3400
In a remote mountain village, there lived a mother pig and her son-three cute pigs. Mother pig worked very hard every day to raise the pigs. They still do nothing. One night, after dinner... .....Continue
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